-8500 XX XX Early man cooks a paste made from ground cereal and water, developing flatbread.
-3500 XX XX Flatbread eaten in Sumeria.
-2000 XX XX Ancient Egyptians cultivate wheat, barley and other cereal grains to make their two main food staples, bread and beer.
-500 XX XX Persian soldiers in the field bake bread on their shields and then cover it with cheese and dates.
-100 XX XX Aeneid by the Roman poet Virgil refers to bread as an edible plate or “trencher” for other foods.
1692 XX XX Tomatoes, which were previously thought to be poisonous, becomes a popular topping on flatbread among the poor in Naples, Italy and PIZZA is born.
1738 XX XX The Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba in Naples starts producing pizzas for street peddlers.
1830 XX XX The Antica Pizzeria expands to a pizza restaurant with chairs and tables
1870 XX XX Da Michele pizzeria is founded.
1889 XX XX Pietro... e basta cosi bakes three pizzas for King Umberto I and Queen Margherita of Savoy.
189X XX XX Italian immigrants bring pizza to the United States.
1897 XX XX Gennaro Lombardi opens a grocery store in Little Italy, Manhattan.
1905 XX XX Antonio Totonno Pero begins making pizzas for Lomardi’s store, which becomes America’s first pizzeria.
1910 XX XX Joe’s Tomato Pies opens in Trenton, New Jersey.
1912 XX XX Papa’s Tomato Pies opens in Trenton, New Jersey
1924 XX XX Totonno leaves Lomardi’s and opens his own pizzeria on Coney Island.
1925 XX XX Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana opens in New Haven, Connecticut.
1936 XX XX Delorenzos Tomato Pies opens in Trenton, New Jersey
1938 XX XX Sally’s is founded by Sal Consiglio, Frank Pepe’s nephew, right across the street.
1939 XX XX The D’Amore (Love) family introduces pizza to Los Angeles, California.
1943 XX XX Pizzeria Uno opens in Chicago. Owners Ric Riccardo and Ike Sewell pioneer the deep-dish pizza.
1945 09 02 World War II ends. Soldiers returning from Italy are hungry for pizza. The pizza industry booms in America.
1948 XX XX Roman Pizza Mix, is produced in Worcester, Massachusetts by Frank A. Fiorillo.
1954 XX XX Shakey’s Pizza founded in Sacramento, California.
1958 XX XX Pizza Hut founded in Wichita, Kansas.
1959 XX XX Little Caesars Pizza Treat founded in Garden City, Michigan by Mike Ilitch.
1960 XX XX Dominick’s Pizza in Ypsilant, Michigan is purchased by Tom Monaghan, who changes the name to Domino’s Pizza and introduces home delivery.
1984 XX XX “Papa John” Schnatter purchases Mick’s Lounge in Jefferson, Indiana and starts serving pizza.

Donnie Love
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