The Time Machine
H. G. Wells

1895 XX XX 1 The Time Traveller explains and displays his newest invention.
1895 XX XX 2 The Time Traveller returns from the Future dishevelled, resolving to tell his tale.
802701 XX XX 3 The Time Traveller travels to the future and meets a small man.
802701 XX XX 4 The Time Traveller enjoys a fruit dinner and begins to explore his surroundings.
802701 XX XX 5 The Time Machine is taken away. The Time Traveller befriends Weena and discovers the Morlocks.
802701 XX XX 6 The Time Traveller climbs down a tunnel and barely escapes the Morlocks.
802701 XX XX 7 The Time Traveller spends a night in fear of the Morlocks, and begins to devise a plan.
802701 XX XX 8 The Time Traveller and Weena explore a museum, looking for weapons.
802701 XX XX 9 At night the Morlocks attack, and Weena is lost.
802701 XX XX 10 The Time Traveller reaches the Time Machine. After fighting the Morlocks he esapes.
30000000 XX XX 11 The Time Traveller sees a desolate Earth and strange crab-like creatures.
1895 XX XX 12 No one believes the Time Traveller’s tale. He departs again, never to return.
1898 XX XX Epilogue

"deleted scene"
30000000 XX XX 11 The Grey Man

Donnie Love
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