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The Motorcycle Cop, the Judge and Fibber

Radio Guide advertisement

Fibber is pulled over for going through a red light.

MOLLY: My my, it’s awful hot driving in July, ain’t it, McGee?
FIBBER: July? This here’s April.
MOLLY: Sure, and in ninety days it’ll be July.
FIBBER: I’m a law-abidin’ citizen, and that there red light wasn’t lit. If it had ’a’ been lit, I’d ’a’ knew it was a red light. But a red light that ain’t lit ain’t a red light on account o’ because a light that ain’t lit ain’t a light. And if it’s got to be lit to be a red light, an’ it ain’t lit, then it ain’t a red light. If a red light is the kind of a red light a red light ought to be, it’d be a lit light and not a dead light. A dead red light ain’t no more a red light than a lit light is a dead light, and I claims that anytime my headlight sees a dead light, red light or no red light, and I ride right by the light, I’m in my right!
FIBBER: Folks, once upon a time there was two kids, Violet and Ray. You get it? Violet ray? They don’t get it, Molly.
MOLLY: ’Tain’t funny, McGee.
Announcer (Harlow Wilcox)
Fibber McGee (Jim Jordan)
Molly McGee (Marion Jordan)
Seargent Schwartz
Gas Station Attendant (Harlow Wilcox)

Route 16
Route 42
Johnson’s Auto Wax and Cleaner

Rico Marcelli, bandleader
Kathleen Wells
Ronnie and Van (Dustoff and Brightski)

“Save Your Sorrow (For Tomorrow)”
“Smooth Sailing”
“Snake in the Grass” with Fibber & Molly
“Rhythm in the Rain”
“If the Moon Turns Green”
“Love is Just around the Corner”


Donnie Love
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