MASH (Chapter 1) Brigadier General Hamilton Hartington Hammond Stationed in Seoul.
MASH (Chapter 2) Gen. Hammond mentioned by Col. Blake.
MASH (Chapter 6) Burns and Hot Lips send a report to Gen. Hammond.
MASH (Chapter 7)
MASH (Chapter 8)
MASH (Chapter 9)
MASH (Chapter 10)
MASH (Chapter 11)
MASH (Chapter 12)
MASH (Chapter 13)
MASH (Chapter 14)
MASH (Chapter 15)

MASH (Chapters 1-7)
MASH (Chapters 8-9)
MASH (Chapters 9-16)
MASH (Chapter 16)
MASH (Chapters 17-20)
MASH (Chapter 21)
MASH (Chapter 22)
MASH (Chapters 23-24)
MASH (Chapters 25-29)
MASH (Chapters 30-31)
MASH (Chapters 32-38)
MASH (Chapters 39-40)

The Pilot Episode Brigadier General Hamilton Hammond Served at Fort Benning with Hot Lips (and fooled around with her).

Donnie Love
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